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Studios in
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We won Europe’s biggest Song Contest!

14 May 2014

Were you one of the 170 million viewers who tuned in to Europe's biggest song contest, broadcasted live from Copenhagen last Saturday? If you did, you would have heard a fantastic British voiceover during the show introducing the acts and also in the comedy clips. That was made by us!

The Danish crew found their favourite speaker at our voice site Online Voices,
and we had the honour of recording and delivering the voice for the entire broadcast.

Dave B - one of our Brittish speakers

Dave has been a full time speaker for eight years.
He has always had a genuine interest for comedy
and with it has developed a style that was perfect
for the song contest's tongue-in-cheek sketches.

According to Dave:
"It was a genuine pleasure to work with the folks
at Widevox, the whole recording process went very
smoothly and, having seen the finished articles,
I really couldn't be happier"

Click here to listen to Dave B

Whether you need to record a voice for a TV show with hundreds of millions of viewers, or for a simple 3 minute internal film - We've got the voice for you, in any language.

Click here to listen to the voices on the world's best voice site, onlinevoices.com.

Online Voices nominated for
Swedish Design award

10 Sep 2013

We've been nominated for a prize in Sweden's prestigious design awards (Svenska Designpriset) . We're nominated for best information site and we're very happy about it too!

When we relaunched our new site, the aim was to create something that would really make an impression. Getting nominated for this prize has made us realize that we must be doing something right.

In the words of our CEO and founder, Kalle Widelius:
"We had a vision to create the world's most attractive, cleverest and quite simply BEST voice site where industry people can quickly and easily find professional voice talents in any language. The result was onlinevoices.com and the route to get there has been long, to say the least.

To have been nominated by Sweden's design elite for best info website makes everyone in the company incredibly proud! Anyone who has built advanced websites must know how much work has gone into the back end.
The fact that all this work has been recognised not only by our customers but also those in the know when it comes to design make us all the more proud."

You can vote for us on the Swedish Design website by clicking here. Just scroll all the way down and give us your vote!

Skrivet av
Kalle Widelius

And next on TV3 ... the voice of Kalle W

21 Aug 2013

Online Voices is proud to announce that our very own Kalle Widelius is the new voice of TV3. With scripts by Lotta Brunmark

From tonight (August 21) onwards , you can hear our very own Kalle Widelius on one of Sweden's most popular TV channels TV3. And not just once, but every night,  as we are delighted to announce that Kalle has been chosen to be the voice of the channel.

We're also proud to say that the words he speaks are written by Lotta Brunmark, copywriter extraordinaire, who is based in our Gothenburg studio. Lotta is overjoyed to be writing the links of for the channel, not least because it means she can re-watch every episode of 'Sex and the City' as part of her workday and call it 'research'.

Have a listen to Kalle's voice here and we're sure you'll agree that TV3 have made the right choice.

Skrivet av
Ben Kersley

Sound of the summer

4 Jul 2013

It's summertime, but we're still happy to help you with your sound and voice recordings

Summer is here! (In the northern hemisphere at least).

For many the summer is a time to take it easy. However, if you need sound or voice recordings over July, you can rest assured that Widevox Sound Productions are here to help.

We are open the whole year round, autumn, winter, spring and even summer. We're here Monday to Friday and you can email us anytime and we'll reply as soon as we read the email. So get in touch on +46 220 772100 or mail us at info@widevox.com

Have a great summer (if you're in the northern hemisphere!)

Skrivet av
Ben Kersley

The Car Themes

28 Jun 2013

Another toe tapping tune from our music department

For the last few years we've been making radio commercials for the Nordic retail chain Biltema who specialise in tools, car supplies and leisure products. Making the radio spots has been great fun and our copywriter Bosse has built up a series of recurring characters based around a father son relationship played by our speakers Fredrik D and his son Gustav (You can listen to Fredrik by clicking here)

Biltema firm was founded in Linköping, Sweden (which is where our head office is too) and has grown to be a fixture in most Scandinavian towns with over 90 superstores throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. We've had a great working relationship with them and earlier this year we were asked to pitch an idea for a song that they could use in their ads to reinforce their brand.

The brief was that the song should have a sixties feel and be nice and catchy. Bosse sharpened his pencils and got to work on the lyrics, while our music producer Erik dusted off his Fender Stratocaster and turned up his amp to eleven. Over several weeks, the tune developed and the rest of us were occasionally asked our opinions on how small snippets of bass and snare drum might combine with a vocal track. Things progressed and the result was a toe-tapping tune that we're happy to say that Biltema snapped up.

It's available on Spotify under the artist name 'The Car Themes' which is a direct translation to English of the name Biltema. Have a listen here and if you like it feel free to add it to your summer playlist!

Skrivet av
Ben Kersley

In the news again...

20 Jun 2013

As winner of The Business Person of the Year award 2013, Kalle Widelius finds himself in the papers ... again.

We don't like to blow our own trumpets (too much) but when you win The Business Person of the Year Award 2013 the press just want to write about how good we are.

But don't take the newspaper's words for it, get in touch and let us show you why we're winners!